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The Certification from F.I.C.B.

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

The certificate has arrived again this year from F.I.C.B. (International Wine Federation), to which the Knights of Vine of Japan belongs.

The Knights of Vine of Japan is the only wine knights in Japan belonging to F.I.C.B., which is headquartered in Paris. Was founded as. In 2019, Shoji Kinoshita was appointed as the second chairman and continues to this day.

F.I.C.B. has been active since 1964, uniting 143 wine knights from 37 countries around the world.

Hundreds of members from all over the world gather at the World Convention of the Knights of Wine, which is held every two years, to learn about the current situation from the wines of the host country, exchange information with each other, visit wineries, and have a gala dinner. It is a place to interact with the Knights of Wine.

The next event will be held from May 27, 2023, mainly in Porto, Portugal.

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