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Last day of the Knights of Wine World Congress Report / Outline of Portuguese wine

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Saturday, June 3rd Sunny

・9:00 Hotel check-out

・The airport is only two miles away.

・Mr. Yokokawa and Mr. Sakama leave early in the morning

・Chairman Kinoshita and I departed at 9:30

・Arrived in 10 minutes The price is 10 euros including the tip.

・I tried to greet the president, but I couldn't meet him because it was too wide. I went to S12 at the boarding gate, but it was useless.

・You can't go to the gate without going through the tax free. I was wearing the tie of the Knights of Porto, but it's a pity you didn't notice.

・Overview of Portugal and Portuguese wine

An agricultural powerhouse on the western edge of Europe

Land area 92,000㎢ 1/4 of Japan

 Population 10.5 million 1/10 of Japan

・Per capita consumption of seafood 6th in the world (5th in Japan) 1st in Europe for rice consumption

・Wine production 6,418,000

There are 33% white, 6% rosé, 60% red, and 768,000hl fortified alcohol.

Having port and Madeira (one of the world's three major fortified wines, including Spanish sherry)

・Half of the world's cork is from Portugal

・There are 250 grape varieties, especially those unique to Portugal. Europe No. 1

・Revision of the EU Wine Law in 2008

Vinho table wine

VR Vigno Regional I.G.P class

 DOC deminacion de origin contrata D.O.P class

Classified into

Grape Knight

Tomihiko Asada

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