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Wine Knights World Congress Report Day 2 Vinho Verde

May 28th (Sun) Cloudy, somehow avoiding rain

9:00 Take 4 buses to Viño Verde.

After joining the EC, the EC budget has enhanced highways and improved logistics. The container port has also grown. Japan's Komatsu and Yokokawa are also entering the market. Portugal is also cheaper than other EC countries.

I could see the vineyards. The tradition here is the low pergola trellis, especially the vines planted around the vineyard and the vegetable garden in the middle.

Viana do Castelo

A beautiful city worthy of the name of the Queen of Lima, located at the mouth of the Lima River near the Spanish border.

Climb the 299-meter-high Mt.

A splendid view, a magnificent neo-Byzantine church overlooking the Lima River, very beautiful.

A fine mass takes an hour. All members participate in robes and medals. The bell rang at 11:00, and the mass started with the organ playing. The choir singing is wonderful.

Half eat seizan. Nearly half of these members are found to be Catholic.

Commemorative photo in front of the church. A drone also flew in to take pictures from the air.

Vuignowel di lunch at Quint de Carvaro

Enjoy vinhoweldi in a standing buffet while eating lots of finger food and Portuguese cuisine.

① 2022 Adega de Monaco Alvarinho and Trajadela (fresh, lightly sparkling, young)

② 2022 Muros Antigos Alvarinho100

③ 2022 Muros de Mercaco Alvarinho100

Once you've finished eating, take a seat and start the dinner

I was surprised at the breadth of Mr. Kinoshita's face. I was here with F.I.C.B. President Alan Byden, his wife, and the current Portuguese President.

・Start with vegetable cream soup

・Roasted veal

・Dessert buffet, cream, rice dessert

・Fruit cheese platter and coffee

A leisurely lunch from 13:30 to 16:00 will fill you up.

Following this, the Ordnance Ceremony of the Order of Vuiñowerdi was held in a magnificent concert hall in Miranda. Chairman Kinoshita and I, Tomihiko Asada, along with many knights of wine, took the stage and were ordained as knights of vigno verde wine. As a group, the Japanese Grape Knights Association was also appointed, and Chairman Kinoshita attended the ceremony on the stage. Here again, songs by bands and singers were performed.

Cheers to the Vuinhowerdi Portal do Fidalgo2022. celebrated his ordination.

The wine parade starts in the old town with the band leading the way. Go with a woman holding a tag of JAPAN. Countries march in alphabetical order, with Portugal leading.

People in the surrounding towns took pictures and waved their hands, and the whole town welcomed them.

A beautiful city, passing by the church of Misericodia, continue along Via Compatentes da Grande Guerra, to the river Lima. The basketball stadium in Liberdate Square is the dinner venue

Start with the same aperitif as lunch and vuiñoweldi as lunch

Prosciutto ham and melon hors d'oeuvre

Fry fillet of pescada (like hake)

Dessert Buffet

・Minho Region About VR Minho Minho

 The northwestern part of Portugal forms the border with Spain. Minho river area, 1/8 harvest of Portugal, 14% cultivated area

Verde means green and has a history of 2200 years. The first Portuguese wine to be exported to other European countries.

From the north, with 9 subregions.

Monsan y Melgasso, Lima, Cavado, Ave, Bust, Sousa, Amarante, Baian, Paiva

White variety, Alvarinho (said to be more astringent than Spanish Alvarinho)

Loureiro and Frakku are rich in aroma, and these two are often single.

Azal, Avesso, Arinto, Trajadora, etc.

・DO is Vinho Verde

 There are refreshing fresh types, alcoholic and full-bodied ones, and even sparkling ones. There are also some reds and rosés.

ENFOR CARD to wrap around the tree

Spreading branches from tree to tree Argeons

There are ramadas and other styles that are wrapped around granite supports, but the number of fences is increasing recently.

Other crops were grown under the traditional high-tailored vines to protect against humidity and mold, and to make effective use of the land.

Grape Knight

Tomihiko Asada

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