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Wine Knights World Congress Report Day 4 Introducing Japanese Wine

・We start preparations for the tasting venue.

・It was lively with about 15 booths.

・Since everyone is wearing robes, the Japanese team is also prepared.

・Even though the forum is not over, the tasting starts between each other's booths.

・I couldn't attend the second half of the forum.

From around 12:15, the number of people in the tasting room increased and it became very busy.

We have three O.I.V. International Grape Varieties,

・Chateau Mercian Tamamoro Koshu Yellow Incense 2021

・Iwanohara Wine Muscat Bailey A 2020

・Tokachi Wine Yamasachi 2020

I was told to prepare a speech because I might be asked to explain properly, so I prepared a 5-page, 20-minute manuscript, but there was no turn. But thanks to that, I'm glad I was able to explain the booth smoothly.

・We had decided to take a questionnaire and evaluate it, but there were not many people who wrote it, so we decided to write the contents of the dialogue.

・There are many professionals, and the reaction is very interesting because they are mainly people who are familiar with wine.

① Chateau Mercian Tamamorokoshu Yellow Incense 2021 10.5%

・Light green yellow, balance of Japanese citrus scent and minerals, lively acid

・Yellow incense said it was good for the first time.

・Mercian Koshu Kiiroka received the highest evaluation

・Fresh, fruity, acidity is often heard.

・There was also an evaluation that the 10.5% alcohol content was modern and good.

・Vuinho Verde makers drank a lot, and it was highly evaluated for its closeness. It seems to add a word, "But it's different from Vinho Verde."

・Many people pick up on citrus aromas. Mineral goodness.

・People studying at WSET and people who have been to Japan love the aroma of Koshu, light and fresh.

②Iwanohara Wine Muscat Bailey A 2020

・There was a voice that the flavor was unique. There are many people who positively evaluate it as a personality rather than a denial.

・Most people don't have much experience with this type of hybrid.

・Some people say that it is not heavy and has good balance.

・There was an indication of strawberry flavor.

・Two people pointed out the strawberry flavor.

③Tokachi Wine Yamasachi 2020

・It was very interesting that the evaluations of Yamasachi and Muscat Bailey A were split evenly.

・Persons who like naturalism may prefer the aroma of mountain grapes.

I am often asked to explain in which area I can get them. I should have prepared a map of Japan.

・There were some people I knew.

・There are many evaluations that medium is fine.

・There was also an evaluation that the after-sales was long.

・Some people said it was food friendly.

・There was also an evaluation that it was a good red.

I liked the English pamphlet I prepared. I'm sorry I can't explain it.

I got a lot of questions about whether you were a maker. I think I have fulfilled that role.

・There was a person who wanted it, so I was pleased to have him bring it with a cork.

・13:00 finally lunch today is a buffet

Everyone enjoyed sharing the leftover wine, we received several bottles.

Soup: Vegetable soup with green beans

Horses d'oeuvres: The usual stuff

・2021 DOC Douro White Muros do Vinho

・2021 DOC Douro Red Muros do Vinho

・2022 Douro Boeira White

・2009 Ch.Labastidie Reserve Special Cru France Gaillac AOP

・2010 Ch.Labastidie Reserve Special Cru France Gaillac AOP

・2021 Douro Tinto Boeira

・2022 Vuinho Verde Casa de Senr Lowreiro

・2022 Vale DO Tamage Branco Quint de Soutelas

・2021 Douro DON Bastro

・After lunch, the women go shopping in town

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