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Wine Knights World Congress Report Day 6 Alentejo (2)

Take the bus and have lunch at the town hotel Espinheiro Evora

・Not butter or olive oil, but aioli sauce with chives and black olive tapenade. Good for bread!!

・Soup: Cacao Soup Soup containing fillets of reef shark.

 This area's specialty, sharks may be used like in San'in and Nagano because it is a little far from the sea. No odor at all.

・Roasted pork (Porco fillet of black pork in this area) Sausage Migas

Something like bread pudding, steamed vegetables.

・Dessert: Honey and walnut cake, sherbet


・2022 VR Allentejono Tinto Comenda Grande Sol

A blend of Anta Shiraz and SB (Sauvignon Franc). Unique Blend

Green Lemon Yellow Citrus and Refreshing Green Note 12%

・2019 VR Allentejono Tinto Comenda Grande

80% Twancadilla, 20% Aragones, 60,000 bottles produced

Very dark color Legs are also dyed Knights Templar mark in the middle

Youthful red wine, hard to believe it's 19 years old, goes well with pork

 76% of this area is red and alcohol is high.

・Cartuxa Winery visit and tasting: Cave de Cartuxa

・The winery recommended by Louis Madureia Pires of the Knights of Alentejo

・A winery that has been built since 1963 as a social and educational facility

・Building in 1986, 600 ha, 6 million trees.

・There are also 28 large barrels and 24 months aging. 28,000 bottles of wine are available.

・We are making 20 kinds of cuvees. White, red, rosé, sparkling, amphora...

・8 32,000l concrete tanks, 8 16,500l concrete tanks

・Make various wines from 2 euros to 270 euros.

・Otaru (baric) storehouse Used 10-15 times and sold to others. (Used by small and medium-sized wineries, used as furniture)

・It can be used in three ways: fermentation, storage, and flavoring.

・Amphora storage, this area is not filled with a type that can stand inside the storage.

Wine Tasting

・2020 VR Aletejano Tinto EA. Cartuxa 5.7 euros

・2022 VR Aletejano Rose EA. Cartuxa 5.7 euros

・2022 VR Aletejano Branco EA. Cartuxa 5.7 euros

・2019 DO Alentejo Tinto Colheita. Cartuxa 19 euro

・2019 DO Alentejo TintoScala Coeli Reserva. 75 euros

Glass €10.75. Dark body 2017 sold out (270 euros)

・2019 DO Alentejo Vinho do Talha Blanco €32

Glass 9.75 euros

Strong yellow color, slight nuances of oxidation, 4-5 months maceration in amphora, not even orange wine.

・Arrival at hotel at 20:00 Buffet dinner from 20:00

・2020 VR Lisboa Blanco Mar Salgado

・Sparkling wine at the pool and bar on the 16th floor while watching the sunset.

 There is no champagne even though Gosset is widely promoted.

・DO Tavora Varosa Terras do Demo, Sunsel

It's fresh, so it's perfect for the magical hour after sunset.

Grape Knight

Tomihiko Asada

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