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THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE KNIGHTS OF THE VINE OF JAPAN is the only wine knights in Japan belonging to  INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF WINE BROTHERHOODS ( headquarter in Paris: hereinafter abbreviated as F.I.C.B.), and  was founded by former Ambassador to the United States Yoshio Okawara and Mr. Tatsuo Miyatake, a former Mitsubishi Corporation Los Angeles branch manager, as the vice chairman in 1986. As a non-profit wine lovers' organization, we have been active for 36 years with the aim of expanding wine culture. After the deaths of Mr. Okawara and Mr. Miyatake, Shoji Kinoshita became the second chairman in January 2019, and we are aiming  for the development of Japanese wine, "Nihon Wine".

  F.I.C.B  is a non-profit organization founded in Paris in 1964, which brings together 143 wine knights from 37 countries around the world to increase the consumption and quality of wine in the world. 

 THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE KNIGHTS OF THE VINE OF JAPAN  which is also a major member of the F.I.C.B, participates in the annual F.I.C.B. General Assembly and Inetnational Congress of Wine Brotherhoods, and has been attended by many members. Hundreds of members from all over the world gather at the F.I.C.B. Inernational Congress (held every two years in different countries) for several days in sunny June to learn about the current state of wine production in the host country and provide information of Japanese Wine. It's a great opportunity to exchange, enjoy wines and dishes from the host country and enjoy music at major winery visits and wine parties to interact with the Knights of the World. In recent years, it has been held in Macedonia, California, USA, Champagne, Hungary, etc., and is scheduled for 2020 in Piedmont, Italy (postponed and canceled in 2021) and in 2023 in Portugal.

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