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Constitution of the Brotherhood of The Knights of The Vine of Japan


Article 1 This association is called THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE KNIGHTS OF THE VINE OF JAPAN.

  (The office)

Article 2 The office of the Society is located below.

1-1-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Wako Gyoen Building B1F Maestro La Conservatory


Article 3 Based on the philosophy of THE INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF WINE BROTHERHOODS (F.I.C.B.), the purpose of this association is to expand wine consumption, improve wine tasting skills, and improve wine production technology as the Japanese branch of F.I.C.B. It is a non-profit organization.


Article 4 The Society shall carry out the following projects in order to achieve the purpose of the preceding article.

By interacting while enjoying Japanese wine, we aim to popularize and expand Japanese wine.

For this purpose, we hold wine parties, wine seminars, winery tours, etc.

In addition to interacting with the F.I.C.B. Wine Knights around the world (137 groups as of 2019), we will report on the current state of Japanese wine and exchange opinions.

Create a base to collect, disseminate and publicize information on each production area of Japanese wine.

Disseminate information through publications and websites.

Support wine producers to improve the quality of Japanese wine.

Recruit members nationwide to achieve the purpose.

In addition, we will carry out the business necessary to achieve the purpose of the Society.


Article 5 There are two types of members of the Society. Members are divided into "individual members" and "supporting members". Wine-related corporations such as wine makers, wine sales companies, wine shops, hotels, and restaurants are supporting members.

Individuals or corporations who are considering joining the Society and who have been introduced by a member can participate in events such as wine parties as "visitors".


Article 6 A person who intends to become a member of the Society must submit an application for membership to the president with the recommendation of one or more members or the secretariat, and receive examination and approval at the board of directors. Furthermore, among the members, those who are recognized as having cleared the criteria set separately will be awarded the title of "Knight of Grape".

(Membership fee)

Article 7

For individual members, the admission fee is 3,000 yen and the annual membership fee is 5,000 yen, and the participation fee for wine parties etc. will be collected each time.

Supporting members will have an admission fee of 3,000 yen and an annual membership fee of 10,000 yen, and will receive the participation fee for wine parties, etc. each time.


Article 8 Members can voluntarily withdraw by submitting a withdrawal notice to the president.


Article 9 The following officers shall be appointed to the Society. The board of directors is composed of officers to manage the business of the association. Decisions such as business plans, budgets and settlement of accounts are made by the chairman based on the examination by the board of directors and reported at the general meeting of members.

(1) One chairman

(2) Up to 3 Vice Chairmen

(3) One secretary-general

(4) Within 5 secretaries

(5) One accounting secretary

(6) Two Audit & Supervisory Board Members

2. The officers stipulated in Paragraph 1 shall be elected by mutual election of members.

3. The term of office of officers shall be two years. However, it does not prevent reappointment.


Article 10 The chairman shall represent the Society and supervise its business.

2. The vice chairman assists the chairman and takes over the duties in the event of an accident or absence.

3 The secretary-general and the secretary manage the business of the Society.

4 The accounting secretary manages the membership fee of the association and other assets related to the business.


Article 11 The expenses of the association shall be allocated to this with the income of the membership fee.

The business and fiscal years of the two associations begin on January 1st and end on December 31st each year.

3 Every year, prepare an annual business plan, financial statements and income and expenditure plan, report this at the general meeting once a year, and obtain approval.

  (General meeting)

Article 12 The general meeting of the Society shall be composed of members and shall be held once a year. However, it shall be possible to hold a temporary event when necessary.

2 The general meeting shall vote on the following matters.

(1) Change of constitution

(2) Business changes

(3) Business report and income and expenditure settlement

(4) Appointment or dismissal of officers

(5) Dissolution

(6) Other important items related to the operation of the association

3. The general meeting cannot be opened without the attendance of a majority of members, including the power of attorney.

4. The vote stipulated in Paragraph 2 shall be decided with the approval of a majority of the attendees, and if the number is the same, it shall be decided by the chairman.


Article 13 This constitution may not be changed without the approval of a majority of the attendees at the general meeting.


Supplementary provisions

1 This constitution will come into effect on January 1, 2020.

Officers (as of January 1, 2020)


Shoji Kinoshita

Founding Owner & Chairman of Maestro La Conservatory

Former President of Unilever Japan


Akihiko Sakuma

WINET Representative, Sommelier (JSA)



Wako Shiraishi

Landscaper, Wine Expert (JSA)



Masayoshi Yonekawa,

CEO of Justice Co., Ltd., Sommelier (JSA)

Advanced Certificate (WSET)



Haruo Kenmotsu

Master Sommelier (JSA)

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