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A wine party ( Portuguese Wine Knights World Congress Report )

About 250 Wine Knights from all over the world gathered at the Wine Knights World Congress, which was held mainly in Porto, Lisbon of Portugal from the end of May, and was held for the first time in five years. KOV Japan, 6 members including Chairman Kinoshita, participated in the meeting.

This wine meeting will also serve as a report on participation in the world competition. Village Marche in Mejirodai, is the restaurant run by Mr. Takeshi Yokokawa, who participated in the congress. We will prepare Portuguese wines selected by Mr. Yokokawa and Portuguese-style dishes inspired by Mr. Yokokawa, using seafood delivered directly from Saiki fishing port in Oita prefecture. We are also preparing a report in the video, so please join us.

1. Date: July 20, 2023 (Thursday) Doors open at 18:00, start at 18:30

2. VILLAGE MARCHE (Village Marche)

Inside the University of Tokyo International Village, 3-28-6 Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku

Membership fee 10,000 yen for members 13,000 yen for visitors (please pay at the reception on the day)

3. Application for participation

 Please register for participation from "Click here for details" below.

 It is also possible to reply to the email.

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