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Knights of Wine World Congress Report Day 5 To Lisbon

Thursday, May 31

・Check out at 9:00 and head to Lisbon

This time there are a lot of extension members and 3 buses

Late start at 10:00 as usual

・Fields and forests continue like an agricultural country in the EU

 After entering the Tagus area, vineyards and cork oak trees became noticeable.

 Across the Tagus River, it is announced that this area is a rice producing area, but there are no paddy fields or rice plants to be found.

Quinta da Atela Visit and lunch

 Aperitif and welcome drink

 This area was called Ribatejo until 2009, but now it is VR Tejo and has 6 sub-regions.

 This is the Almeirim area within it DO is one of Tejo

Welcome wine

・2021 VR Tejo Casa da Atela Branco

・Commemorative photo by the hotel pool Drones are also active


First, a greeting from the president of Quinta (manor) da Atela

Quinta has been around since 1346. Today it is a collection of 14 wineries and 12 areas.

 Bought by the current owner in 2017, they are focusing on wine tourism. The hotel is also substantial, and there are 800 employees in the group.

 There is a total of 580ha, and grapes native to Portugal and international varieties are planted.

A high temperature and humidity area of 40 degrees Celsius due to the influence of the mountains on the north side of the Tagus River (also known as the Tagus River around here). Humid at night. Leki and desert land, Sisto also mixes.

· 165 euros per night (double room) breakfast, tasting, vineyard tour, curve tour, 15% wine discount

・There are various activities such as plans with picnics, tractor tours, and cycling.


・Soup: pea and ham soup

・Main: Roast pork and pineapple, plenty of green asparagus (hard root)

・Dessert: Pudding of Atera

・The same VR Tejo white wine as the welcome

・2021 VR Tejo Tinto Quinta da Atela

An international varietal blend of Petit Verdot, Syrah and Merlot.

dessert wine

・DOP Do Tejo Vinho Licoro Rose Alpirca, VDR fortified wine

One for everyone

・2020VR Tejo Vino Tinto Regional Petit Verdo 100% Quinta da Atela

16:30 after dinner

Museum of the town of Alpisa. A wealthy farmer's manor has been turned into a museum. Wonderful 17th and 18th century family portraits, furniture and tiles. Modern art is also displayed in the garden.

Take the bus to the hotel. The scheduled arrival at 17:00 is 19:30. The hotel is located in the new city center built for the 1989 Lisbon Expo. The 550th anniversary of the discovery of the sea route to India by Pasco da Gama in 1448. Beautiful modern city, but the old town takes 30 minutes by metro.

Dinner was a hotel buffet, so our team went out to eat in the old town.

I had an hour wait at a famous seafood restaurant, so I quenched my thirst with beer at a nearby Mexican restaurant.

Seafood restaurant Cervejaria Ramiro

・Steamed clams in garlic wine

・Heap of bread soaked in plenty of butter

・Shrimp Ajillo

・Main: boiled spider crab

 Everyone is eating this. Each of them was handed a solid resin table and a hammer, and while banging hard, they broke their feet and nails and ate them. There was a lot of noise in the store, and the shells flew all over the place. Plenty of miso and boiling water mixed in the shell part of the large body. Here's a good source. It's also delicious on bread.

 This crab has thin legs, but the shell is extremely hard. One dog for 6 people, but very satisfied.


・2021 VR Alentejano Branco Quinta do Camro 16.73€

14% fresh blend of Loureiro, Arint and Antanvers

Light yellow color, citrus, a little sea saltiness, a little body

・2022 DO Alentejo Rose Collor Solodo Sobroso

Syrah's rosé, light salmon pink, crisp and goes well with crab. 12.5%, 18 euros

Even if you only eat this much, 25 euros per person is very reasonable. Portugal is reasonably priced. There is no menu, and it is modern to read the code with a smartphone.

・Restaurant professional Mr. Takeshi Yokokawa played an active role.

・By the time I got back to the hotel, the date had already changed to June. It was a very fulfilling Lisbon night.

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