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Knights of Wine World Congress Report Day 4 Port Wine Knights Inauguration Ceremony and Gala Dinner

Parade through the streets of Porto from 17:30

After a short parade through Vila Nova di Gaia, take two ferry boats designed to look like the ships that carried Porto and parade through the old town of Porto on the other side.

Grandma is holding the Japan board today. In each country, there are only elderly people, including grandfathers. A lot of police are also dispatched, and the first is the mounted police. All the tourists took pictures and waved their hands, so we also smiled and waved as much as we could.

・I was surprised to be greeted by a Japanese person who said, "Thank you for your hard work."

・I felt that Japan was accepted very positively. I often hear voices like konnichiha or japon.

・Passing through the old town, you will be greeted by a band playing and six mounted police at the ceremony site of a large old warehouse port building on the north bank of the Douro River.

・Port Knights Ordination Ceremony

・The Order of Wine in Japan is ordained as a group and individually as a "Caravier" knight, and receives a large medal and an ordination certificate. I'm glad it comes with a tie as well.

・Out on the river bank, aperitif and aperitif


・Moving to the 3rd floor of the building for dinner

 Soup: fish and seafood soup with saffron flavor and cheese toast

Main: Roasted veal fillet, potato millefeuille and bok choy

 Dessert: Three kinds of porto sweets and tangerine sorbet

・Vintage Porto It's been a long time since I've seen a demonstration of how to open a pinch porto. The demonstration was done by a famous sommelier in the past.

・Vinha Grande Douro Branco 2021 Casa Fereirinha

・Vinha Grande Douro Tinto 2020 Casa Fereirinha

・Louis Padot Dialogo Branca Douro

・Porto Tawny 10 years Lanfrario do Diho de Porto

・Vintage Porto Lanfrario do Diho de Porto 2017

・Vintage Porto Lanfrario do Diho de Porto 2011

 It was used in the demonstration in 2011. It's finally time to drink around here

It doesn't end even after 23:00

There was a commendation for the secretary (who was working hard in this support) and a performance of the Portuguese pado.

At the river bank, many fireworks, set fireworks and small fireworks were reflected on the hill of Vila Nova di Gaia on the opposite bank, and the sound was amazing, even the seagulls were surprised.

・The bus was waiting for me and I returned to the hotel after 24:00. I was saved because I didn't have to walk home.

It seems natural for people here to return in the morning.

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