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Wine Knights World Congress Report Day 4 Port Wine Winery Tour

・The four men were escorted by Mr. Albino Jorge, a partner of Porto's participating member Quint da Boeira, to visit the winery.

・There is a splendid quinta and hotel on the hill of Vila Nova di Gaia. Established in 1850 in Quinta, where people who migrated from Brazil in the 19th century started. Making port and douro.

・Interesting management centered on marketing.

 There is only one vintage. Mainly Tawny and Blanc

The 100cc small bottle makes it ideal for souvenirs and trials, as it allows adults to choose their own tastes. Very affordable.

・Currently, sweet after-dinner liquor is not selling well, so this method can be highly evaluated.

・Aiming at the gift market and premium market using high-end bottles.

・I think there are ways to apply Sauternes and Auslese.

Tasting in a beautiful tasting room

・Quinta de Boeira White Port

19.5% Makes a very good starter. Light amber color

It can be used both as an aperitif and as a dijoftif. We are making 12,000 bottles.

・Quinta de Boeira White Port Tawny Reserva

Aged for 7 years and moved to a small dal. Light mahogany 19.5% dried fruit

・Quinta de Boeira White Port

Dried Fruit Aroma

・1970 Vintage Towny

Only sell to VIPs. 250 euro dark color amber, caramel flavor, vanilla

・A field at an altitude of 530m Production capacity of 70,000 plants

・I have a lot of ships (15 ships).

・Olive oil is also sold, and the souvenir pottery bottle was the olive bottle here.

・Perfume Vary Old Tawny 100ml is also available in a perfume spray bottle,

Funny. Push towards mouth.

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