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Wine Knights World Congress Report Day 4 Wine Forum

May 30 (Tue) Sunny

・The Japanese team gathered at 9:00 to discuss and prepare for today's tasting event.

There is a table in front of the lunch venue.


Rent an English simultaneous interpreter to the Forum site

I took a seat in the back because I thought I might get out first for the tasting party, but it was vacant and I was forced to move forward.

Moderated by Rosa Amador

① Port Douro wine collaboration Gilberto Igrejas

・2022 data

43,845 ha cultivation area

18,978 farmers

DO Porto 94 million bottles 383 million euros

DO Porto 70 million bottles 224 million euros

Portugal is the ninth largest producer in the world

・Creating strategic goals to deal with risks

 Create a chart for global risks and respond.

Human Health Economic Sustainability, Digital, Natural Environment Community, etc.

・We highly appreciate the One Health Qnardripartite collaboration by FAO VNEP WHO WOAH and aim for Farm to Folk.

Sustainability is our goal in Douro

・Energy consumption reduction, carbon fit printing, installation of 37 IOT sensors. Creating manuals, etc.

But it's a little strange that there are tractors in the terraced fields of Douro.

② Carlos Brito phD

Marketing and Wine Brotherhood

・Marketing is not the purpose of selling products and services, but the important purpose is Selling Idea, Keeping Customer, Creating Value.

・You should seek an increase in the value of all the contents of the bottle

Wine, terroir, region, community history, cultural heritage, etc.

・Give a unique and memorable experience

 Wine and food, production experience, experience involving users, historical storytelling, tasting with the five senses, pairing, wine and food tourism

Digital Experiences, Sustainability Experiences.

・Role of the Knights of Wine

Sympolism through shared passion and participation

③ "Portuguese Wine and Culture" J.A.Goncalves Guimaraes phD

・From the influence of Rome from the 3rd century BC to the story of Dionys

Suddenly, I was called to the tasting room by the tournament assistant.

He said that he would like to arrange wine for TV coverage. Sakama-san and I will be photographed together.

You didn't ask me anything. just take a picture.

It's frustrating, so I tried to appeal, "I'm introducing Japanese original grape wine" or "Portuguese wine was first introduced to Japan during the Azuchi-Momoyama period." Not sure if.

・When I returned to the venue, I was in the middle of Q&A

Q. What will happen to grape varieties in the era of global warming

There are 100 varieties of A. Douro Porto.

Global warming, climate change is not a handicap but an advantage for us.

It is more diverse and resistant to change than other areas.

It can also handle water stress and temperature stress.

Q.How does technology change?

A. Take care of traceability. AI will also be used. It also responds to consumer trends and demand for low tannins. The Institute will do its best to support you.

About the future of Q.DOC

A. Strengthen investment and firmly protect DOC and brand.

 We will check all counterfeit products (wine that calls itself Port, etc.) and strongly protect the Douro Porto name from being used without permission. There was applause.

Q. About the Brotherhood (Wine Knights)

A. Until the democratization of Portugal in the 1960s and 1970s, there was a Brotherhood, but it was restricted and not much recognized. It is increasing now.

11:30 coffee break

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