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Wine Knights World Congress Report Day 7 Oeiras, a suburb of Lisbon

Friday, June 2nd

・10:45 Start slowly today

 To the palace of the Marquis de Pombal in Oeiras, 20 km west of Lisbon.

・Atlantic Estuary of the Tagus River

 It is said that many shipwrecks from the 14th century to the 17th century are sunk.

・The sun is bright and there are beachgoers on the beach. It seems that the water temperature is about 17 degrees now. It seems that there are many elderly people.

・Pombal is the 5th prime minister of Portugal's last Bragança dynasty (1640-1910), Jasé I. He rebuilt the economy with reference to the British Industrial Revolution and abolished slavery in the Indian colonies. After the great Lisbon earthquake and tsunami of 1755, he devoted himself to the reconstruction and made Lisbon a Parisian city.

・The palace is very beautiful with representative architecture and landscaping of the 18th century.

 From wineries to olive oil presses.

 The palace is currently the office of the Prime Minister of Portugal.

・Lisbon wine

 The Lisbon region is a large production area that spreads along the Atlantic coast. Until 2008, it was also known as Extremadura and Oesti. Cooperatives are large and mostly marketed as VR Lisbon.

 Many DOCs Alengner, Arranda, Bucelas (the booth here happened to be next to the Japanese booth during the tasting event in Porto on May 30) Carcavelos, Corares Encostas d'Aire, Lourinha, Obidos , Torres, and Vedras. Oeiras, which we are visiting this time, is famous for its fortified Carcavelos.


DO Buceles Sparkling Bruto Arint Quinta da Remira

100% Arint secondary fermentation sparkling in the bottle

・ Hors d'oeuvres: cod bluntard, vegetable mini spring rolls, squid ink cookies and cream

 I thought the day would start at 12:00, but there was a long greeting (in 3 languages) explaining the wine (in Portuguese, English and French). There are even speeches by people in Pombal costumes and folk dances, but it doesn't start until after 13:00.

・2021VR Lisboa Oreiras Valley Branco Casa da Manteis

 A blend of 3 indigenous varieties, light green, 13%, citrus, and a salty nuance only found in the sea area.

・NV VR Carcavelos Villa Oeiras

19% alcohol fortified dark gold good sweetness

・Buffet style

Various usual aperitifs

Cod tempura, tartar sauce, saffron rice, roasted pork, couscous, etc.

・Various desserts

 There was a nut caramel on top of the castella.

・2019 DO Douro Reserva Villa Red

Firm Douro, why is Douro here, purple garnet

· Outdoor lunch on the terrace in front of the wine cellar (lots of various barrels). It's hot when you're not in the shade of a parasol. The weather was great, but the UV rays were so strong that I got sunburnt all at once.

・Departure at 3:30.Think of a hotel, then head to Belem next to the Tagus River.

 There is a Jeronimos monastery built by Masuel I to pray for the great achievements of Prince Elinke and Vashko da Gama and for the safety of their voyages.

Rest in the park of Belem Tower, which is both a fortress and a lighthouse. Part of the World Heritage Site

・17:30 arrive at the hotel

・Today's dinner was a goodbye party and moved to the casino at 19:30 until 23:00.

Grape Knight

Tomihiko Asada

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